About Maui Cakes

Maui Cakes is the creation  of Tori Hamilton Takayesu.  Tori's  delight has always been in art, appreciating it, creating it, and just enjoying it.  With two children, baking became more then a pastime as we celebrated family birthdays and milestones.  It was only natural that Tori's love of art and baking became fused into one.  Why not create artful baking?

Tori was inspired by the celebrity cake decorators that are in the national media.  Whenever she had the opportunity she travelled  from one end of the country  to the other to take classes with notable chefs such as Bronwen Weber, James Rousseau, Mike Meyers, Lauren Kitchens and so many more.  In addition to the fun classes where new techniques and perfecting old ones were learned, Tori also attended the culinary arts program available at Maui College/UH.  There she met many up and coming chefs and local talent, which she loves to corroborate with.

Being on Maui also helps serve as further  inspiration for our cakes- ocean life, paddling , surfing and  all kinds of outdoor sports, the fragrant flowers  and the rich Hawaiian culture  all contribute to the diverse variety of our selections.

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